Tuesday, May 5, 2015

10 Things You Should Know About My Style

1.) I don't like to or care for layering. You will rarely see me adding layers to a body that already has enough layers (of fat, ha!).

 2.) My clothes are usually rather simple, it's my accessories I like to let shine and steal all the attention!

3.) My style has evolved in the last 7 years, some things I hated-I now love and vise versa. I am so comfortable with my style and the way I like to dress now.
 4.) Even though I am considered "plus-size", I can always find something to fit and flatter me. I am currently a size 12 but I'm working and sweating my way to a size 8-9.

5.) I love, love, love to recycle my clothes and buying/styling my vintage goodies. I always try to find something in my closet or vintage/thrifted before buying something brand new.

6.) I am really into contrasting looks, like a big fur coat worn with open toe shoes or a ball down worn with a baseball cap.

7.) I usually wear what I want, regardless of the event or weather. I dress according to how I feel.
8.) I don't believe in fashion "rules", I do what makes me feel good and feminine.

9.) The simpler the better, I've learned that with my body shape, less is definitely more.

10.) I consider my make-up, hair and nail polish accessories as well. They can totally change how an outfit looks and is perceived, just like a pair of killer heels!
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