Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hair Ambition: The Iconic Blonde Bob

I’ve actually been growing my hair out for over a year just so I could cut it again! I know that sounds crazy, but I got scissors happy and couldn’t stop cutting my hair a few years back. I realized I liked when my hair was in a bob the most. I then began dying it blonde (for the first time ever) and I loved it! I couldn’t keep it up like it needed (blonde hair can be high maintenance) so I went back dark after a year. But I’m ready for my blonde bob again and I’m tired of wearing wigs (for now at least)-I’m excited about creating a signature look for myself. Right now it's dyed a caramel color with blonde highlights but over time I will definitely be going lighter and lighter. I plan on sticking with the blonde bob and its many variations for a while so if you have any tips or tricks for blonde hair maintenance, I would love to hear them! Check out some of the blonde bobs I am currently (and have been forever) crushing on!

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